Monday, October 11, 2010

Back on the horse

With the invitations finalized for Sarasota, I wanted to toss out some spittle.

Open - 1 Seeds
Ironside - Looking red hot this year after a less than dominant worlds. While their free agent heavy roster seems to have had chemistry issues in the past, it looks like they are finally clicking. However, I'm not convinced they are better than Revolver. ECC caught Revolver at their worst and since then Boston has only beaten up east coast teams and has yet to play DW.

Revolver - They are the world champs so it is tough to put them behind anyone. Their roster seems to be the best balance of talent and experience which seems to be the recipe for success in Florida. Plus a UPA title would scratch an itch a world title only seems to exacerbate.

Doublewide - There are few things I am more excited about this Fall than DW as a one seed. Pipelines are a funny thing and what was once CUT to Sockeye or Mamabord to Revolver, is now Florida to Doublewide. I doubt Kurt intended to have little bro and Brodie fly out to Austin to suit up with him again, but I am sure no one is complaining now.

Chain - I am not sure how Chain is feeling right now, but I am fairly certain it is similar to what Sean Payton and Drew Brees are drawing up in the locker room. Given the roster additions of Sammy CK, Jolian, and Kiran Thomas, Chain was the front runner to win Worlds (or at least make the finals) and cruise through the series. However, a 4th place finish in Prague and a backdoor entry to Sarasota are not what HotLanta had in mind. Much like the Saints, confidence is not what it once was.

The Rest of the Field
Furious - Yes!! Back at the show. While they remind of the Condors and/or Ring with the slip in competitive ability, at least the Monkey has returned.

PoNY - Way to match Bodhi's big win over GOAT by taking them down for the first time. PoNY always seems to be the perpetual 2004 USA Olympic Basketball team with more talent than success but they definitely earned some swagger this weekend.

Streetgang - Siiick. Way to stick it to the Condors when it really mattered. Pumba I'm still waiting for my long sleeve. Tell me where to send the check.

Madison Club - Natties or not, take a lesson from Benjamin Franklin: We must hang together or we will hang separately.

Truck Stop - WOOOO-Datch! I got nothing else.

District 5 - Despite my connection to D5, I haven't written on this cinderella team. Drinking Korber's Kool-Aid but getting handed my hat was a tough pill to swallow, especially given my odd position in the ultimate community. Regardless, their run this year has been exceptional and I think they are the biggest story in the mixed scene this year. Their 3-0 record against Slow White during the regular season basically primed them for an ass kicking and given my conversation with Kendra, DJX, and KG a week ago, a 4-15 whipping wasn't a surprise. Either way, they are Natties bound and considering their success so far, they will be confident going to Sarasota. But a bigger target their is not in 2010.

Oh and for irony purposes, I'd like to respond to this comment form my original D5 post:

"In the end though, do you expect Connecticut to have competitive parity with Boston?"


LA Metro - Great job taking the region. Once again I am so stoked for my buddy JAM. I think I need two hands to count how many 2nd place or worse finishes Metro/Pleasuretown had, so I'm sure taking out Barrio and 7 Figures was a touch of heaven.

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